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3rd Annual College and Career Tour

This year on Project Level's College and Career tour we kicked it off on Sunday with a dope photo shoot with Aris Jerome and Ella Weisskamp. Also on that same day, Don Benjamin and Liane V came and told there story as well as give our aspiring models the Do's and Don'ts. Since we were i LA after the photoshoot we headed over to Roscoes to grab a bite to eat. On monday we kicked it off the college aspect of our trip with Cal Polly College and Los Angeles Music and Film School. Cal Polly which was "Super cool!" according to our students and LA Film and Music school, which was so inspiring and got our students ready for the end of the day when all the artist went to 17 hertz studio and had the chance to talk to and get game from legendary A&R Dame. Mean while the dancers went to IDA Hollywood and Millennium Dance Complex to take Matt Tayao and Nika Kljun dope classes. Tuesday we drove to the FIDM Institute were we learned all of the amazing majors they offered and programs to get into for scholarships while in High school. Later that day we packed up and began our trip to Las Vegas! Wednesday we took our tour at UNLV campus, which was a very big campus, but was convincing and also inspiring. On Thursday we went to the Adventure Dome to wrap up the trip on a good note and to have some fun. All in all this was another life changing trip that inspired our students and we can't wait for the next one !

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