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Change The Game Challenge

Saturday January 30th at Capital One Cafe our students were entered into a computer game contest called the Drobo Change The Game Challenge. In this game the students were taken back all the way to 1849 when gold was just being discovered California a time better known as the Gold Rush. The students each had 30 mins in the first round to complete as much as they can building up there California in 1849. For the second round the top 7 students who had the highest score from the last round also had 30 mins to complete more rounds and move up to more cities. In the third and final round the last three students with the highest score moved up to meet the judges who were London breed, Mihir shah, and Crystal lee. The judges asked the students question such as; Why did you build your California, the way you did ? Each of the 3 highest scorers got a Drobo; which is more storage space for you photos, downloads, documents, etc. that your computer can hold. Only the 1st place winner had won a Drobo and 1,000 scholarship.

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