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Project Level performs at NBA's Summer League


Project Level's dancers were invited to Las Vegas to perform at the half time show at the NBA summer league. Seeing the teams and new players showing off their skills was a amazing experience.

What is the NBA Summer League ?

The NBA Summer League, also known as the Las Vegas Summer League, is the main off-season competition in which National Basketball Association teams come together to try out different summer rosters instead of their regular season line-ups. The Utah Jazz Summer League also features NBA teams, as did the Orlando Pro Summer League, which operated from 2002 through 2017. Those leagues are sometimes referred to as NBA Summer League when also mentioned with its host location.

Summer leagues have existed for decades. Historically, there was not an organized structure, with leagues sometimes overlapping and not officially coordinated.[2] In 2004, the league held the Las Vegas Summer League for the first time; it is by far the largest league, with 24 teams participating as of 2017. The Orlando Pro Summer League has been held since 2001. The Utah Jazz Summer League began play in 2015, replacing the Rocky Mountain Revue, an event held from 1984–2008 before going on a lengthy hiatus due to declining participation.

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